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As Supera Anesthesia Innovations, we have introduced innovative oxygen concentrator technology engineered specifically for veterinary use. We believe it will do nothing less than revolutionize veterinary anesthesia and oxygen therapy. These innovative products are designed to be even safer for patients, intuitive to operate, and to save veterinarians money with each use so they’ll pay for themselves very quickly!

Supera Anesthesia Innovations products are proudly made in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Oregon. We look forward to bringing veterinarians and their patients superior anesthesia technologies that are safer for you, your staff and your furry clients. We pride ourselves as having the most responsive customer service in the industry

M1200 Concentrator

M1200 Standard Rebreathing Floor Stand

  • Patented safety pop off valve – it saves patient lives
  • 0-4 Ipm oxygen flow meter with mechanical stop control
  • Oxygen flush with safety restrictor and button shield
  • CO2 absorber with easy change “One Seal” canister
  • Dual DISS O2 supply with check valves
  • Easy to use non-rebreathing circuit common outlet
  • Syringe holder (for inflating E/T cuffs)
  • Stainless steel I.V. Pole

Breathing circuits and bags include

  • Adult Unilimb rebreathing circuit
  • Pediatric Unilimb rebreathing circuit
  • Non-rebreathing circuit
  • 0.5 1.2, 3 liter heavy duty bags

PURELINE M6000 Anesthesia Machine

The Pureline M6000 anesthesia machine with our integrated oxygen concentrator is one of a kind! Supera has perfected the technology, added safety features like the built-in E-tank manifold that allows mobile use of the machine without power. It also protects your patient in case of a power failure.

The Pureline oxygen concentrator is a UL tested and backed by the Industry’s best warranty.

Key Features:

  • Extracts medical-grade oxygen (USP93%)
  • Delivers on demand up to 5 rpm
  • Built specifically for anesthesia use
  • Quiet operation at 40 dBA
  • Energy efficient
  • Accepts industry standard vaporizers
  • FDA approved, UL tested
  • Meets 13485:2016 ISO & 60601-1 IE Standards
  • Oxygen flow & purify safety alarms
  • Thousands in service since 2008
  • Made in the USA

M2500 Wall Mount Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine with Articulating Arm

The M2500 offers all the advantages of the M2300, but also has a built-in articulating arm. The arm offers a full 180° movement, making it an excellent choice for station work and providing flexibility of use in multiple wet and dry table islands.


• Articulating arm extends up to 28 inches from the wall
Proven unidirectional valve design
• Quick disconnect common gas outlet
• 0-4 Lpm O2 flowmeter with mechanical stop flow control
• Oxygen flush with safety restrictor
• Mounts on standard 16″ centers
• Quick-change “One Seal” canister

M2000 Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine


Deluxe Floor Stand Model

The M2000 PLUS is our flagship mobile anesthesia machine. Its compact design (now just 18″ square) and perfect center balance means complete operating room stability. The larger heavy-duty shelf can handle multiple monitors, Ventilators or other equipment configurations with ease. Quite simply, this is your must-have machine and can be outfitted for any application you need.

• Proven unidirectional valve design
• Large 22 1/2″ wide X 13″ deep monitor shelf
• Quick disconnect common outlet for non-rebreathing systems
• 0-4 Lpm O2 flow meter with mechanical stop flow control
• Oxygen flush with safety restrictor to 30 lpm flow
• Dual O2 supply ready with check valves
• 18″ x 18″ base with large 3″ shielded caster

Note: Shown with optional Isoflurane Vaporizer, Dual E-tank Manifold

M3000 Table Top, Non-Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine


Extremely compact and versatile, the M3000 is widely used for rodents and other small animals of up to 15 lbs. While this compact machine takes up less than one square foot of table space and is light enough to carry between treatment areas, it offers excellent safety for your patients and convenience for you.

• Small footprint-less than one square foot
• Easy carry handle
• Easy to clean powder coating
• 0-4 LPM O2 flow meter with mechanical stop flow control
* Other carrier gas and LPM range flow meters available upon request
• Oxygen flush with industry standard 30 LPM safety restrictor
• Compatible with any vaporizer
• Quick disconnect common outlet

Shown with optional vaporizer and Waste Gas Interface.

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