We supply ventilators designed for large and small animals.

Hallowell EMC Model 2002PRO

Fine volume control valve. Low oxygen pressure alarm. Electronic control eliminates the substantial driving gas required to operate pneumatically controlled ventilators. Time-cycled intervals ensure consistently spaced breaths. Volume constant-ensures that each delivered breath will have essentially the same volume. Pressure limited-provides for patient safety by limiting the maximum working pressure. Interchangeable bellows and housing: designed to be used with animals ranging in weight from 1 to 200 kg. Easy to learn and operate.

Rodent Anesthesia Machine Respirator

In clinical trials, the Anesthesia Workstation (AWS) is being used for long-term anesthetic procedures on 150-400 gm rodents. This anesthesia delivery system has been shown to be effective with the induction, stabilization, and maintenance of patients for neurophysiological testing using inhalant anesthetics for daily 8 to 12-hour procedures. Throughout these procedures, the AWS has been shown to facilitate the administration of anesthetics, holding the subject in a very smooth, controllable anesthetic plane, as well as providing precise respiratory control.

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