Waste Gas Evacuation

We provide a variety of oxygen systems, oxygen supplies, and gas management for all your needs. Please contact us today as this is only a sampling of our product offering.

EVC3100 Waste Gas Evacuation Pump and Liquid Aspiration System

Keep your facility waste gas-free, and keep yourself, your staff, and your animal subjects safe with this completely OSHA-compliant unit. Even better, the EVC3100 removes waste gas and handles liquid aspiration in a single convenient, compact machine. Manufactured with the highest quality American-made pump, the EVC3100 is built to work with industry-standard WAGD wall or ceiling outlets and designed to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

EVC3000 and EVC3050 Waste Gas Evacuation Fan Systems


Keep staff and subjects safe with this completely OSHA-compliant, sealed, waste gas-evacuation unit. This high-quality unit can be easily added to existing facilities. Both single and multi-station units feature an ultra-quiet American-made motor. This ball-bearing motor offers five times the lifespan of a plain-bearing motor and is much more energy efficient. The vacuum flow remains consistent at all outlets so there’s no need to purchase additional expensive balance vales for ceiling or wall outlets. You’re assured of years of trouble-free service from this compact unit.

EVC630 Waste Gas Interface

This is a must-have device if you have an active fan scavenger system. Using a fan to remove waste gases creates negative pressure within the anesthesia system which can pull fresh anesthetic gas away from the patient before they can reach an appropriate plane of anesthesia. The interface unit balances the pressure between the anesthesia machine and the active evacuation unit, keeping your subjects safe and ensuring a level plane of anesthesia.

Waste Gas Evacuation And Medical Suction Outlets For Use With Vacuum Pump Systems


• Industry standard copper pipe construction
• Wall, treatment table or ceiling styles available
• Uses the EVC629 waste gas interface for evacuation (purple)
• Uses standard vacuum regulator for medical suction (white)

Digital & Standard Vacuum Regulator

It’s User-Friendly
The large control knob and easy-to-read settings make vacuum adjustments simple, even in emergency situations.

Vacuum Canisters & Mounting Brackets


Canisters and wall mounting brackets for vacuum regulators.

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